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CLIENT       : ADMIC s.a.l.


VALUE         : 2,925,000 US Dollars(Concrete Works)

AREA           : 18,056m²

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The two blocks subject of our mission are an existing block constructed in the 90’s and that served, at this period of time, as commercial and another block as an extension to the existing one. The complex, which is a concrete structure (Columns, shear walls, precast ribs and hollow blocks), is now projected to the following: 

- RETAIL spaces

- COMMON areas

- Technical Areas to be refurbished

- Balconies 

- Circulation

PROJECT MISSION: Our diagnosis goal is to evaluate and assess the following:

- The sufficiency of residual characteristics of construction materials used for the building

- The capacity of the existing structure to satisfy its purpose. 

- The need for strengthening the existing structure.

The preparation of the structural design of the old and new building and all related works including the strengthening details and the preparation of the detailed structural design and relevant specifications needed for the construction of the project.


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